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5 Simple Self Love Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day, the season of love is here. We tend to be quite romantic when it comes to ideas for celebrating the day and spoiling our partner. But what about ourselves? You deserve love too, and not just from others. It needs to start with yourself. So how do you care for yourself during the season of love? Practise self-love with those simple self-care Valentine’s tips. You can also view a video with the tips on TikTok or IG.

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Self-love tips you can easily do and not just on Valentine’s Day

1. Positive Affirmations – wake up with positive thoughts. If the last few days have been hard for you, look into the mirror and say to yourself, ‘I have got it’. Look at yourself in the mirror with the eyes of a loving mother. Don’t be your own worst critic, rather a mother who loves her child unconditionally and be that mother to yourself. Wrap yourself into this blanket of softness and compassion. ‘I’m enough, I’m loved’, should be the words you tell yourself not only today but every day – because you are!

2. Get hydrated – I have a drink with every meal, but this is not enough. We need to make sure I drink the 6 to 8 cups or glasses of fluid that the Eatwell guide recommends. And why is it crucial to make sure we stay hydrated during the day? Studies show that our mood decreases with dehydration. Whilst the ability to concentrate and memory are both adversely impacted. Therefore whatever your plans today, make sure you stay well hydrated. 

3. Indulge yourself – after all, it is Valentine’s day. The day of love, so get pampering yourself. If you are lucky enough, why not book a spa day? I hear you now… Spa, on my own? But why not? According to the Good Spa Guide, solo spa-goers actually demonstrate strength and independence. They value their ‘me time’ and look after their mental, physical and spiritual health. However, if you haven’t managed to organise a spa day or you feel more comfortable creating your own at-home spa, then do so. Light some candles, put some relaxing music on and have a long, hot soak with a book and a glass of bubbly or cup of herbal tea, the choice is yours. 

4. Treat yourself – now you feel mellow and relaxed, you don’t want to think about cooking tonight! Treat yourself to takeaway! Yes, it may not be the healthiest option, but if you only order it very rarely, then tonight will be a good occasion. However, if you are worried about the calories, then there are a few tricks to make your takeaway healthier. Are you ordering fish and chips tonight? What about non-battered fish and a small portion of chips? Are you opting for Chinese? What about swapping deep-fried appetizers for vegetable-based dishes? I love Pak Choi and bamboo shoots. 

5. Unplug and recharge – do something good for your body, mind and soul. Cut out stressors and any triggers and let go of negative thoughts. Surround yourself with positive vibes. Observe your feeling, and if you are becoming frustrated, angry, overwhelmed or anxious ground yourself. Take a deep breath and focus on your surroundings. Trade your phone for a book, venture outside into nature, take up a hobby or try meditation, and make sure you get enough sleep.

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Do something good for yourself – love yourself!

Occasions such as Valentine’s day can be hard for some people. Perhaps your relationship broke down recently, or you have been single for a very long time and lost hope of finding the right partner. But you need to show yourself as much love as you want to receive from others, especially during tough times. So love yourself as much as you can, there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t. Whatever your relationship situation, never forget to show yourself some love. Learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. You don’t have to be lonely just because you are single. You have yourself – you have the best company you could get. And following the above tips will help you to show yourself the love and affection you deserve. Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s important, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

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So, happy Valentine’s Day, to yourself most of all!

Thank you and till the next blog post,

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40 thoughts on “5 Simple Self Love Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day”

  1. Thank you for these simple but powerful tips! I feel so tired now with two small kids, and I definitely gonna treat myself on valentines day. And then my husband! Kids will wait.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I’m glad that the tips have been helpful. Enjoy your ‘me time’ and then a lovely time with your husband…everything else can wait. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Great tips! I love making Valentine’s Day about self-love. A couple of years ago, my husband and I did a salt cave for Valentine’s day. Smells like the ocean, even though we were in the frigid midwest 😂

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. You do have to love yourself first, for sure! Thanks for all the great ideas. What is the saying? You can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s so important to make sure we take care of ourselves no matter our relationship status.

  4. When we love ourselves, we can resonate this love to others. Love is not always outbound. Thanks for the remind to give ourselves back some love. Since I am not feeling well this time, hydrate and rest are perfect self-love tips for me.

  5. Beautiful message and ideas for a day of L.O.V.E. … when we love ourselves then that radiates effortlessly on to others.

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