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Do you have experience with PTSD, or do you take care of / live with someone who has? Would you like to share your story in a guest blog post? 


The aim of this project isn’t to offer professional advice, neither is it to pity those who experience PTSD. That’s not what I want. My aim is to raise awareness of PTSD. By sharing your story, you can inspire and empower others. You can highlight the methods that helped you. This way, you can encourage others to reach out for help.

And it may help you as well. Perhaps it’s something you feel like you’re not able to talk about within your closest circle and would like to connect with others in a similar situation. It’s nothing more than bearing an untold story inside you.

The fact is that our society still lacks an understanding of mental health.  Therefore, I’ve decided to share my story and invite others to join me in this project and write a blog post about their experience. By working together, we can help destigmatise mental health problems and promote wellbeing.

To be featured

If you would like to join in and share your story on my blog but don’t have the experience of writing a blog post, this isn’t a problem. You can still email, and I’d be happy to assist you with the writing. And you can use a pseudonym if you wish to stay anonymous. You can share as much of your story as you want in a way you feel comfortable with. 

The only thing I ask is that you mention ‘PTSD: My story project’ in your post and briefly state why you have chosen to take part in it. It should be about 1500 words long, and you will be allowed to approve the post before publishing it, should it be edited. 

Although your contribution to the project is free, I can offer you a promotion with free publicity and a potential backlinks swap.

By sending your story to journeyofsmiley, you give me the non-exclusive right to publish it. If you decide to publish it elsewhere, I request you to mention @journeyofsmiley and the ‘PTSD: My Story Project’ as the first place of publication.

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Read the powerful stories by real trauma survivors here.

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