About me


Hi! My name is Katy, although my mum sometimes used to call me ‘Smiley’.

I’m on Overcomer with a smile and will take you on a journey with me – Journey of Smiley 🙂

Life is a rollercoaster, but if you join and hang with me, I’ll inspire and empower you to walk into victory.

It’s so good to have you here.

I’m so glad to have you here and hope you stay for a bit longer. You can call me Katy or Smiley – I don’t really mind. I was born in Slovakia but have lived out of the country for longer than I was living there. Saying this, I still love that small country with a big heart in the middle of Europe. I’ve been living in several European countries and have settled with my husband in the South of England a few years ago. Yes, my hubby is British, and yes, I love it here.

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