Spring of Hope: What Is the Meaning of Hope?

Spring started a few days ago. For me, it’s the time of freshness. It’s the time when nature is waking up from its long winter sleep, when beauty is rising out of the cold. Spring is also the time of hope. Hope and new beginnings. That’s what the real meaning of hope is for me, renewal, the light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

We could say the same about Easter too. Spring and Easter are then intrinsically linked. They both remind us of the triumph of life over death. There is hope, actually more than hope. It is the faith, the belief, the truth that death is defeated forever. Through love. How much power does love have? So much that it can destroy even sin and death forever. 

Faith, hope and love are three virtues that work together. Every time I go through hard times, I have to think of these three virtues. If there is nothing positive left, I know there is always hope. Hope is something that I’m holding on to when times are tough. I pray and talk to God. I know then I don’t need to be afraid because I’m never alone. For a worrier like me, this is so reassuring. 

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Definition of hope

So what is the meaning of hope and is hope important? Often I go to bed with my worries and my thoughts keep me awake. I often get annoyed with myself about it. Then I say to myself, “And now stop finally! Stop with those thoughts! You can’t do anything about it now, so just leave it up to Him. He won’t let you drown.” It helps me, and I can peacefully fall asleep. And the next day when I get up? I know it will be ok. Somehow it will work out. Hope keeps me going. Hope is essential. It helps me to manage my worries, my anxiety, and stress. 

I direct my hope in my prayers. I trust God that He will take care of the matters. Trust is also one of the definitions of hope by Merriam-Webster. It’s “a desire”, a wish, that we want to come true.

As we are approaching Easter there is also hope everything will be much more peaceful. People will celebrate and rejoice together. We forget about our struggles for a while. We give them to God, just like me at night with my worries. 

a poem about hope
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What is the true meaning of hope?

There is also hope that the world will get somehow back into the ‘new’ normal. The world won’t be locked down forever. Because nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Things do eventually get better. And that’s the meaning of hope, the desire that everything will be eventually ok.  

The tough times don’t break us. They teach us new lessons and things about ourselves. Things we didn’t even know about ourselves. We see deep inside ourselves and discover more strengths. And we hope to take this with us into the future when times are good again. We learn so much about ourselves, about the world during those hard times. We discover that we can’t lock down everything. So while the world was at a standstill, there was still kindness and humanity, unity, beauty, love, hope, and faith. 

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The deeper meaning behind it

However, while it is important not to lose hope, those things will only endure and flourish if we maintain and enhance them.  Because hope without will and action is like a flower without water and sunshine. Sometimes nature needs to come to life again. So it is with us. Accidental hope often comes from disasters. When there is a disaster, we often hope for a miraculous return. The same as life has a habit of returning in nature. And God looks after all his creations, including us. We only need to open up to Him. He can do even the extraordinary as to Him nothing is impossible.

But again, we can’t just rely on him, that He will do everything for us. I did find out that while I pray for strength and that God leads me the right way, it’s still up to me to decide. So we can’t blame God when we choose to go a different way. He gave us power and free will. It’s up to us to use it and make the best possible out of the situation. Not selfish but beneficial for us, for the world, for the future. 

And that’s where hope comes, a gift of the Spirit, a gift of God. We envision a better future, a better outcome. Hope then motivates us to take the first step towards it. We need to act as if not, we tread on hope and kill it, just like a flower. So never kill the hope, plant, and water it instead. Therefore you need to make a move. You have it in your hands. The good thing about hope is that even if we kill it, it never really dies. Just like Easter, when we celebrate the triumph of life over death, so it is with hope. It always finds a way to come back to life. But if we don’t turn it into action, we will forever remain in the darkness. Therefore let spring be the season when we take action and reach the light.    

cathedral church with a cross and spring brings Easter time of hope and new beginnings

Happy Easter!

What does hope mean to you? Do you agree with my definition or do you have your own? Feel free to share it in the comment. 

Thank you and till the next blog post,

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